Comfort in every season.

Our insulation division has quickly established itself as an industry leader throughout the Prince George area.

Adhering to the same principles that guide all of Ridgeline’s work, we provide our commercial and residential customers with only the best products, professional service, and exceptional craftsmanship. Every member of our team, from account managers to estimators to tradespeople, is committed to the highest level of performance –we’re proud of what we do!

Our Insulation Services Include

  • Commercial and residential work, including multi-unit buildings
  • New construction
  • Interior and exterior systems
  • Energy-efficiency and R-value evaluations and upgrades
  • Soundproofing
  • Site-specific insulation options, including:
    • Thermal insulation boards

How Ridgeline’s Insulation Team Creates the Ultimate Comfort Zone

We work harder.

The Ridgeline difference is evident from the first time you meet us. Always professional and courteous, our team is made up of experienced, hardworking trades professionals. We strive to surpass all expectations our clients may have of an insulation company! Assessments, upgrades, and installations –no matter what we’re working on, we do it with pride. At Ridgeline Insulation, our customers’ comfort is our utmost priority.

Our clients choose Ridgeline for several reasons: regulating the temperature of their homes; creating gap-free, moisture-resistant building envelopes; saving money on heating and cooling; improving room-to-room soundproofing, and more. We recognize that installing insulation can be intrusive to everyone who lives in your home. The Ridgeline team is always sensitive to our clients’ schedules and living spaces; we make sure that our job sites are always as tidy and contained as possible, and we do our work quickly and efficiently.

We work safer.

Ridgeline is committed to creating a safe work environment for our team and our customers. We begin every work day with a full site inspection and safety meeting. We maintain a clean, organized workspace for the entirety of the project –no stray nails or debris lying around! No Ridgeline job is complete until we have performed a thorough site cleanup and final inspection. Furthermore, we employ a team of diligent, certified tradespeople.

We work better.

You might never actually see your insulation, but you can be certain that the Ridgeline team installs only the best warranty-backed products behind your walls:

  • SOPREMA, Halo, and RockWool professional insulation materials
    • Excellent options for all budgets, from economy to premium
  • High R-value rated products appropriate to our northern climate
  • Post-consumer recycled cellulose
  • Formaldehyde-free fibreglass
  • Graphite polystyrene insulation boards
  • Comprehensive air-leak prevention with thorough flashing, taping, and sealing

Ridgeline’s insulation experts can help you achieve the highest R-value, prevent heat loss and ice-damming in the winter and heat-trapping in the summer, keep your spaces quiet and comfortable, and minimize your carbon footprint. We are up-to-date on the latest techniques and materials, and work hard to complete every project to our customer’s satisfaction.