You’ll be glad we clad.

We’re Prince George’s first choice in exterior system providers, ensuring the homes and buildings around our region are durable and safe, in every season. 




We proudly install residential siding with the level of quality and service that our customers have come to expect. From small recreational properties to multi-unit homes, no project is too simple or too complex for our talented crew. As with all of Ridgeline’s services, we only use the best products available: strong, lasting, and beautiful materials with long warranties from proven, industry-leading suppliers. Our customers turn to us for our trusted, professional team and superior workmanship.

Our Siding Services Include:

  • Residential work, including multi-unit buildings
  • New construction
  • Renovations, including
    • Aesthetics
    • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduction or removal of thermal bridging
  • Custom 3D exterior design modelling for residential clients.
    • Deposit of $350.00 + GST required.
  • Ridgeline Comfort Package (Enjoy increased R-value, decreased noise, and minimized thermal bridging, while adding an extra layer of moisture protection to the wall assembly)
  • Year-round installation

Our Siding Services Include:

As a full exterior envelope company, our Ridgeline team can estimate and install new windows with your siding package for your home or business. This is a service we only offer when clients are looking to get new siding and is an ideal time to consider this during this stage. Choose from bay windows, casement windows, awning windows, slider and single or double-hung windows.

Our Outsulation / Insulation Services Include:

Outsulation is when our Ridgeline team adds insulation to the exterior to your home. This is a rigid foam sheathing or rigid foam insulation and it can make a big impact on your home, or business building’s energy efficiency and performance. This is another great addition we offer when you are considering siding your home or business.

How Ridgeline’s Exterior Siding Team Outperforms the Competition

We work harder.

Ridgeline has built a sterling reputation in Prince George and beyond due to our attentive client service and our diligent, exceptional work. Each Ridgeline employee treats the customer with respect, and the jobsite as though it were their own home –always.

We know that installing any type of exterior finishing can be a complicated and sometimes messy task. At Ridgeline, we strive to be as efficient, organized, and flexible as possible, so that the homeowners and tenants don’t feel put out. Every project is undertaken with a goal toward timely perfection; we want you to have your new siding done quickly and properly. We are as eager as you are to see the well-finished product!

We work safer.

We only hire highly-skilled, licensed tradespeople who are on-side with Ridgeline’s commitment to safety. Our team meets or exceeds all provincial certifications. Every work day begins with a safety meeting, and ends with a thorough overview of the job site, during which we clear the area of all debris, tools, and safety hazards. We perform a final site inspection and clean up before considering the project complete.

We work better.

We choose only recognized, innovative, proven siding products, such as:

  • James Hardie, LP SmartSide®, Gentek, and LUX professional siding materials
    • Excellent options for all styles and budgets
  • Fiber cement, engineered wood, vinyl, metal, and manufactured stone panels
  • SOPREMA Sopraseal Stick FlashPro high-performance tapes and window flashing
  • SOPREMA and Tyvek house wrapping, water-resistant barrier, and air barrier products
  • Rain screen systems
  • A wide selection of specialty exterior system options, including
    • Peak Performance full wall assembly systems (includes cladding, rainscreen, exterior insulation, air barrier/house wrapping, interior insulation, and vapor barrier)
    • Air barrier and house wrapping upgrades
    • Mineral wool exterior insulation
    • Unique soffit, fascia, and trim products

Protecting your property from the harsh Northern BC elements is always a smart investment. We know you’ll love the way it looks, too! Bold or traditional, modern or timeless? Whatever your style, elevate your curb appeal, lower your energy bills, and rest comfortably in your home knowing you have the quality custom workmanship that only Ridgeline can offer.