We’ve worked hard for Ridgeline Roofing to not be your stereotypical roofing contractor, and we’ve made sure it shows.

Ridgeline Roofing was born in 2012 (incorporating in 2014), when a small team of highly skilled tradespeople noticed that Prince George had a need for an honest, hardworking, professional roofing company. We were on a mission to do something different!  We have since extended our services to include the Cowichan Valley region and the Nanaimo region on Vancouver Island.

We aim to do business at a higher level. We’ve built a team on positivity, strong values and professionalism.  This is easily visible by you, the homeowner, whenever we are onsite and working on your roofing project.

Ridgeline Roofing is a company built on:

  • Positive Impact with our customers, our community and with our team
  • Excellent customer care
  • Transparent and open communication
  • Talented + Experienced tradespeople
  • Reliable team who will get the job done
  • Proven, industry-leading products
  • RESPECTFUL workers for the worksite and your home


Professional and Family Safe:

We are a team that will all be courteous and respectful of your property and surroundings. There is never any smoking, foul language and misbehaving. We understand that a home is a sanctuary, and we honour that.

Organized and Punctual:

We show up on time, when we say we will. (Weather permitting of course). We have a Sales and Administration team that keeps every job organized and on schedule. Our team is then not only there for you when you have a new roof, or roof repair, but for any other after service care you may require.

Clean and Efficient:

We guarantee a clean and efficient job. Our customers always comment on how well we clean up as well how quickly we finish the work. We dont let projects sit open for extended periods to better suit our needs, we attack contracts once they’ve begun and bring them to completion as swiftly as possible so you can get back to your day.


Roofing is in our blood. We’ve been a specialized roofing contractor for over 10 years as Ridgeline and many have experience well past that. This experience helps us ensure accuracy, efficiency and quality with your next roofing project.

Thorough and Detailed:

Instead of just looking at shingles we also look at the bigger picture, with focusing on the building system including the insulation, ventilation, and roof system as a whole.  We look to ensure your roof performs in whatever climate you may face. Overall we aim to raise the industry standard in any market we work, offering full roof systems with manufacturer guarantees/warranties.

Trusted Solutions:

“If we wouldn’t put it on our home, we will NOT put it on yours!”  This is a motto we live by with all of our roofing materials and services we offer.  Our products and our company is also one of a few that offers a warranty on all of the roofs we do.


We aim for all of our customers to have a “worry free experience”.  Right from the moment you call us for an estimate we want you to know we are a team that will be there for you.  We also work to be extremely transparent throughout this process, providing you proof of our 5 million dollar commercial insurance and up to date WCB coverage with every quote. We also don’t ask for any deposit or money until the job is completed.