Inspired Teamwork

We believe in investing in the growth of our employees on both a professional and a personal level. 

We pay for extended training and development so that everyone can reach their full potential. Our team is diverse, and everyone contributes a particular strength that helps to make the Ridgeline family cohesive and successful! 

Some of our tradespeople have a lifetime of industry experience that they are willing to share, others are talented, dedicated, and eager to learn. Ridgeline’s sales professionals are always watching industry trends and seeking out the best products. Our managerial team understands our service offerings inside and out and excels at building relationships among staff and with our customers.

More importantly, every single Ridgeline employee takes ownership of the work we do, on the job and off. We are proud to offer a superior level of service to our customers and our community.

Our Team Members

Josh Eiswerth
Founder and Director

Jon Brower
Sales and Operations Manager

Quinton Kent
Sales Associate

Joel Nelson

Noah Podolski

Tina MacLean