You can afford to upgrade.

At Ridgeline, we know that home renovation projects don’t always align with your financial schedule. Everyone’s situation is different: perhaps you’ve lived with that leaky roof for too long; maybe you want to proactively invest in energy-efficient solutions to save you money down the road. Whatever your motivation, we want to ensure that your repairs or enhancements can happen when you need them to happen.

We have partnered with SNAP Home Finance to offer our customers hassle-free home improvement financing.

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Financing through SNAP Home Finance

About SNAP Home Finance

Since 2006, SNAP’s financing specialists have helped Canadian homeowners add value to their homes. Offering fast and fair solutions, they coordinate affordable payments and low interest financing options that can be paid off at any time.

So…get that new roof, upgrade your insulation, or change your look with some new siding! Our professional tradespeople can make it happen, especially with a little help from our partners at SNAP.

Payment Calculator

Use our calculator to determine your monthly costs with a SNAP financing solution.